Fencing, Balustrauding and Decking for the Backyard


Fencing is an important part of almost any property, and at SEQ Spa Solutions we offer a range of fencing solutions from our professional team to suit your fencing requirements.

Glass Balustrading by SNG Palazzi

As one of the suppliers of the semi frameless and frameless glass, leaders of glass pool fencing systems, SNG Palazzi pride themselves on bringing you the best quality endorsed products, each and every time.

SNG Palazzi glass panels carry the standards mark permanently etched in the bottom corner as required by law. We believe there is no better endorsement available than the Five Ticks logo. It indicates to the general public that the product is of the highest quality. The products are compliant with all the necessary standards to ensure you receive the safest and best possible pool fence.


Although there are many options for landscaping around your new pool with paving of various kinds always popular, there's nothing like timber pool decking for providing a warm, inviting look. And it needn't be more expensive or difficult to maintain.In fact, in some cases it can be the cheapest option. SEQ Spa Solutions can help you complete your new spa or pool with a decking solution that will give your property a real wow-factor.