Spa and Pool Repairs and Servicing

We are here to ensure that your spa experience is always stress free so that your perfect spa pool always provides you with relaxation. With over ten years experience as a spa repairer and service agent for a vast array of Australian, US and Chinese-base companies, we guarantee that no problem is ever too big to solve. As a matter of fact, we will make your spa repair experience seem simple.

Our company promises NOT to provide:

  • bad service
  • inflated prices
  • unnecessary repairs
  • rude or inexperienced service men
  • longer than necessary downtime for your spa pool.

We WILL provide great service with a friendly smile and great prices and we will get you back in your spa in no time. Our services include:  

  • spa cleaning and maintenance
  • all spa and pool repairs
  • electrical equipment troubleshooting and repairs
  • onsite instruction for spa and pool maintenance
  • filter cleaning and replacement
  • insurance quotes and repairs for damage to spas and/or pumps and other electrical equipment
  • spa and swimming pool installation sales and supply
  • customer spa and swimming pool equipment installations
  • we repair all makes and models of spas and equipment having vast experience and access to data sheets for all models.

Whatever your problem is, our highly trained staff will find your spa solution.